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Our Company

Ameris Bancorp (Nasdaq: ABCB) is a financial services company committed to bringing financial peace of mind to its communities. Founded on October 1, 1971 as American Banking Company, the bank started with one location and $1 million in capital.

Through organic growth as well as 35 mergers and acquisitions, the bank now maintains full-service branches across Georgia, Florida, Alabama and the Carolinas. Ameris has additional mortgage-only locations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Tennessee, and serves businesses nationwide through select lending channels.

More than 50 years later, Ameris Bank now manages more than $23 billion in assets, making us the largest bank headquartered in Atlanta.


Ameris Bank offers a variety of commercial services including business checking, SBA lending, premium financing, equipment financing, municipal lending and more. Click here to discover all of Ameris Bank’s business offerings.


Ameris Bank has a range of traditional banking services such as checking or savings accounts, auto and recreational loans, mortgage loans and personal lines of credit among its offerings. Click here to learn more.

1971 - Opened as American Banking Company on October 1, 1971
1979 - First Acquisition -- Toney Brothers Bank In Doerun, GA.
1980 - The Holding Company was formed, incorporated and named ABC Holding Company
1987 - ABC Bancorp conducted its first public stock offering
1994 - ABC Bancorp publicly traded on Nasdaq Exchange
1996 Expansion to Alabama
2001 - Expansion to Florida
2005 - AMC Bancopr rebreands to Ameris Bank
2006 - Completion of multi-character collapse to a single charter and one band: Ameris Bank
2019 - Ameris Bank rebrands and headquarters to Atlanta, GA
2022 - Expansion to North Carolina. Balboa Capital acqusition