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Peachtree Road Race Heats Up with Ameris Bank Spirit
Jul 8, 2024

The 55th Annual Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race lived up to its reputation as a summer tradition, filled with energy, encouragement, and that trademark southern humidity. This year, Ameris Bank proudly served as the race's bank sponsor, with 20 of their own employees joining the thousands of runners on the course. 

The sense of community was palpable. From seasoned runners cheering on first timers to the amazing senior citizen runners high fiving each other all the way to the finish line, the atmosphere was electric with a collective determination to celebrate fitness and accomplishment. 

"Everyone was just so energetic and encouraging,” said Lauren Wagner, Ameris team member, “The atmosphere was incredible, it felt like a giant block party, with everyone working together to reach the finish line." 

For Ameris, the Peachtree Road Race isn't just about sponsoring an event, it’s about embodying the spirit of the Atlanta community. Our employees are proud members of this community, excited to run alongside friends and neighbors while meeting their personal goals.  

“I wanted to fall back in love with running and I thought training for the race would help me rekindle my passion for running and embrace a healthier lifestyle,” said Annie Hays, an Ameris runner, “Now, after running the race, I can say it was one of the best feelings and experiences of my life. Knowing you can do hard things and accomplish goals you never thought your body could achieve is incredibly rewarding.” 

Whether it was the collective high-fives at mile markers, the encouraging shouts from the sidelines, or the pure joy of crossing the finish line together, the 2024 Peachtree Road Race proved that sometimes, the greatest victory is the one achieved together.