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Ameris Bank Honors Black History Month 2023
Feb 1, 2023
Black History Month 2023
Honoring Black History Month

At Ameris Bank, we’re honoring and celebrating Black History Month this February. We asked our teammates what this month means to them, their heritage and culture.  

“Within my roles at Ameris Bank, honoring myself and my ancestors is changing the narrative that Black History is only for Black, Indigenous and people of color, but for ALL people,” said Geni Reed, branch market manager with Ameris Bank in McDonough, Georgia. “Since our history cannot be consolidated in a month’s time, my goal is to provide ongoing service of education that is inclusive and fostering safe spaces for our teammates to grow and learn.” 

In January, we encouraged our Ameris teammates to participate in a Day of Service, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

“I got a chance to attend an MLK Day service with Mrs. Coretta Scott King several years before she passed and her remarks were, ‘Let this be a day ON, not just a day off,’ encouraging us to be present and continue the work that has been started (not just vacation and cook out),” said Tuere Thomas, Salesforce director for Ameris Bank in Cumming, Georgia. “I use her thoughts and apply them to the full month of February to be present for conversations around history and culture that anyone has the courage to engage in.” 


Herb McCoy, branch manager of Ameris Bank in Decatur, Georgia, says he not only acknowledges his heritage in February, but every day of the year. “As a man of African descent, you grow and learn by experiences to be proud of your ancestral lineage. What wasn't discussed in grade school history, I received at home by family and continued growth by way of my HBCU alma mater, Clark Atlanta University. I honor my ancestors daily by always acknowledging who I am, therefore making it easier to acknowledge others!” 


“I honor myself and my ancestors by being intentional about supporting Black-owned businesses, not just during Black History Month, but all year long. It is also important to me to stay engaged civically and not miss an opportunity to exercise my right to vote on matters, causes and elections that impact me and my community,” said Kena Ceasar, branch market manager in McDonough, Georgia. “Each year during Black History Month, I take the time to learn more about my unsung heroes. These are black pioneers that made huge contributions to the way we live in America today; however, they are not mentioned in American history. Doing this makes me proud and pushes me to share with others in hopes to never forget.” 


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