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Ameris Bank Thanks
Nov 11, 2019

November is definitely a season of thanks, but in the Gilbert household, we try to practice gratitude all year. I have two little boys and I am determined to raise them with grateful hearts (which is easier said than done these days!). 

In a world where everything we need is one click away, where convenience is king and business moves at the speed of lightning, it is important to build intentional moments of thankfulness. At home, my family nods to this by focusing on sharing things we are thankful for each day. 

I’m lucky. Not only can I cultivate a grateful atmosphere in my personal life, but I get to experience this in my professional life as well, thanks to projects like Ameris Bank Thanks.

In November, each branch of Ameris Bank sets out to share random acts of kindness in their communities to show appreciation for our customers and neighbors. This is a coordinated, intentional effort to spread gratitude and joy to the communities we serve.

In years past, our teams have done everything from passing out umbrellas on rainy days, to buying a cup of coffee for an unsuspecting stranger in line at the coffeeshop, or even surprising local law enforcement offices with lunch for the day.

Join us on social media as we highlight these acts of thanks by our teams who set out to surprise and delight their neighbors. And feel free to join us! Tag us in your photos and tell us about how you are celebrating thanks this month. 

Whether you’re a longtime customer, a new member of the Ameris Bank family or reading our website for the first time, we are grateful for you! #AmerisBankThanks 


By: Mandi Gilbert

Mandi Gilbert is the advertising and promotions manager at Ameris Bank. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband, James, and their two young sons. She enjoys family time, creative writing, relaxing walks, and indulging in her guilty pleasure, reality tv.

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